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From "Matt Lyon" <>
Subject RE: UNC paths
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:27:40 GMT

That was a good suggestion. However, still no joy. If I set:

<property name="javadoc.destdir" value="\\\\Dune\\root\\engdoc\\javadoc"/>

I get this error:

  [javadoc] Generating Javadoc
  [javadoc] Javadoc execution
  [javadoc] javadoc: Destination directory not found
  [javadoc] 1 error

However, as a workaround, I have added a <copy/> task to my "doc" target to
handle getting the javadoc files uploaded to the remote directory during the
build process.

Not to belabor this thread, but there is something else funky that I have
noticed when passing a UNC path as a property value. If I define:

javadoc.destdir=\\Dune\root\engdoc\javadoc an external properties file, '', Ant's <copy/> task
bonks trying to read the path when it is passed in as follows:

<property file=""/>

<copy todir="${javadoc.destdir}">
  <fileset dir=".\javadoc">

However, if I define the property value for the UNC path within the
buildfile as follows:

<property name="javadoc.destdir" value="\\Dune\root\engdoc\javadoc"/>

...then my <copy/> task works fine. A bit odd, that.



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From: Helliwell, Matthew []
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 10:36 AM
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Subject: RE: UNC paths

It's not by any chance treating the back slash as an escapre character is
it? So '\\' gets seen as a single backslash somewhere down in ANT. Try

<property name="javadoc.destdir" value="\\\\Dune\\root\\engdoc\\javadoc"/>


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