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From "healey, alex" <>
Subject RE: Environment not being passed to Apply task command (I think) - Win2k
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 11:50:38 GMT
I was forced to define my executable paths in a properties file and then
import them
using the property task. This is a bit of a maintainance nightmare
though since each user 
has to alter these path properties for their machine. 



in build.xml

<target name="init" description="Initialisation - loading properties"> 
        <property file="" />
        <property file="" />

<target name="test" depends="init">
	<exec executable="${latex.exe}>

However I did see this bug report

Bugzilla Bug 848  
   <exec>'s <env> does not set environment variables correctly.

Which seems to be referencing the same problem. I am using ant 1.3 and
am still experiencing this.

I'll mail you if I find out any better answers

-----Original Message-----
From: Bernd Gruendling []
Sent: 10 July 2001 12:36
Subject: Re: Environment not being passed to Apply task command (I
think) - Win2k


did you solve this problem? I get exactly the same error when trying 
to run a batch file with <exec>. The batch file is fine, of course.


>and I get...
>D:\Project\ant\build.xml:458: Execute failed:
>CreateProcess: latex D:\Project\doc\design\SomeDoc.tex error=2
>--- Nested Exception ---
> CreateProcess: latex
>D:\Project\doc\design\SomeDoc.tex error=2
>        at java.lang.Win32Process.create(Native Method)
>        at java.lang.Win32Process.<init>(

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