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From "Scheffler, Mark (MED, GEMS-IT)" <>
Subject Re: for-each (another proposal)
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 19:48:17 GMT
OK fellas, if you want to continue the personal insults, please use
direct, private email. No need to involve everyone else on this list. I
doubt many people care to hear it. I know I don't.

Mark Scheffler

>> > once again you've amazed me by dropping into sarcastic tones and
>> > some false sense of superiority when responding to a reasonable
> >
> > And I am constantly amazed by the people who gather to insult me
after it. It
> > seems to give them some sort of satisfaction to chastize that
baffoon Pete.
> I only do it when your responses warrant it.

etc, etc, etc.

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