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From Matt Warman <>
Subject RE: for-each (another proposal)
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 19:55:29 GMT

Coming from a non-open source background, this discussion is interesting. I
think this points out the whole open source dilema. There are plenty of new
technology or new approaches to existing problems, but are either narrow in
scope, or ambiguous in implementation. As an Ant newbie, it is confusing to
follow. But like any developer, I found some examples saw the basic uses and
adapted. No one likes to learn new stuff, especially on a tight deadline,
but if the tool saves time or development, you use it. The problem with open
source is when you get to a broader scope, you get a large difference in
opinion of how and what should be done. Personally, I like ant as it is.
There are other languages out there that are more powerful, so use them. If
you need a simple build tool to deploy your project to test and production
environments, use this tool. Isn't that what object oriented programming is
doing, make reuseable components to assemble for individual tasks? I believe
someone has to make a decision. Make it and move on. With that said however,
the ability to adapt Ant for your own purposes is important too. That's
where 3rd party software came into existence, adding narrow functionality
for a broad use software product.
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