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From Matt Warman <>
Subject RE: doclet extension
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 15:06:03 GMT
If you want to create EJB's look at EJBdoclet. It's open source and is
integrated with ANT.

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From: Glenn McAllister []
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 10:03 AM
Subject: Re: doclet extension

msew wrote:

> Does anyone out there have a link to a good tutorial or even just example
> files of how to easily extend the standard doclet?

To the best of my knowledge, extending the standard doclet isn't that easy.
Admittedly, I looked at it about two years ago, so they may have refactored
it.  The biggest problem though isn't the organization of the doclet
(although that was an absolute mess), its the fact that you
(effectively) never instantiate your doclet - all the methods the javadoc
utility calls have to be static.  Thus, how do you inherit from the standard
doclet to change its capabilities?  The standard answer used to be
"duplicate the code and then change what you want."  Not having checked out
the standard doclet in a long time, thats going to have to be my answer too.

> ie you have a @<tag> and you just want to easily use it in your every day
> javadocing :-)

You think they would have made that easy, wouldn't you. :-)

Glenn McAllister
SOMA Networks, Inc.

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