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From Shankar Unni <>
Subject RE: Properties, scope and project hierarchies
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 22:33:14 GMT

I ( wrote:

> The key here is to consider what one wants out of a "project hierarchy". 
> The sorts of things that I have had to do in the past are (I'm going to 
> talk in "makefile" terminology, since that's what I've been using for C 
> and C++ projects):

Let me be a little more precise about some of the things I was looking to be
able to do:

* Define a common classpath in the master build.xml, but override it (either
redefine, or augment) in the "client" build.xml.

* Define a common property in the master build.xml, and either override it,
or augment it, in the client build.xml.

* Define a common set of rules in the master build.xml, but be able to
redefine  one or more rules in the client build.xml.

* Just like for a classpath, be able to augment or override fileset
arguments to tasks.

* And finally, but definitely not the least, be able to be able to preserve
all these semantics whether I launch the client build.xml directly, or from
some master build.xml above (i.e. no surprise inheritance behavior).

I don't know much about the direction ant2 is taking, but even if it doesn't
support all this out of the box, as long as there is a *way* to do all this
(however clumsily), I'd be happy..
Shankar Unni.

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