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From "Richard Wilkinson" <>
Subject WebLogic 5.1 deployment fails if the j2ee.jar isn't set in the en vironment classpath.
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 16:08:02 GMT
I've been led to believe that Ant can have the whole classpath set in the
build.xlm file. Unfortunately it's not working for me. The application uses
Toplink and Weblogic 5.1.
If the c:/java/j2sdkee1.3/lib/j2ee.jar is not set in the DOS environment,
even although the it is in the build.xml, the build fails. See below.

       <!-- Change these settings to reflect the location installation -->
                <property name="j2ee.home" value="C:\java\j2sdkee1.3" />
                <property name="j2eepath"  value="${j2ee.home}/lib/j2ee.jar"

classpath for compilation -->
        <path id="buildpath">
           <pathelement path="${sp.server}"/>
           <pathelement path="${sp.test}"/>
           <pathelement path="${oracle.jdbc}"/>

           <pathelement path="${j2ee.home}/lib/j2ee.jar"/>

           <pathelement path="${junit.home}junit.jar"/>
           <fileset dir="${toplinkJ.home}">
              <include name="**/*.jar"/>
           <fileset dir="${toplinkWL.home}">
              <include name="**/*.jar"/>
           <pathelement location="${weblogic.home}/classes"/>

I get a load of 'Could not fully load class ??? for super class check'

[ejbjar] Could not fully load class com.protek.sp.racks.RackHome for super
class check.

Is this a bug in Ant 1.3 or am I being studid?



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