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From Mark Womack <>
Subject RE: Optional excludesfile in javac?
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 16:01:10 GMT
>> I agree so much that I went in and modified the PatternSet data type
>> to support <excludesfile> and <includesfile> elements.
>Still think adding file attributes to <include> and <exclude> would be
>even better - but you can try to convince me 8-)

I have no strong feeling either way.  But since I am a newbie to the code,
it was easier for me to add elements.  Adding a new "file" attribute would
require changes to the NameEntry inner class and some significant changes in
the PatternSet code to handle either patterns or a pattern file.  My
changes, while significant, did not really change the functional flow of the
code and does not break existing build files.  As long as the functionality
is considered for the next version, I'm happy with whatever implementation
the dev group chooses.  My only real concern is that the if/unless attribute
should be given the opportunity to include/exclude a file BEFORE the
non-existance of the file throws a build exception.


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