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From Mark Womack <>
Subject RE: Optional excludesfile in javac?
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 19:17:48 GMT

>                <patternset excludesfile="${build.local_excludes}"
>                            if="build.local_excludes"/>
> The above chunk does not cause a parse exception,

>It should, hmm.

You know I went back to it, and it caused a parse exception.  I think the
difference was that if the file was not there, it would throw a file missing
exception first, before finding the parse exception.  When the file was
there, then the parse exception would happen.  But maybe I just missed it
the first time through.

>Maybe we should simply add file attributes to <include> and <exclude>
>and deprecate the includesfile/excludesfile attributes of <patternset>
>in favor of them?  Looks like the cleanest solution to me.

I agree.  I agree so much that I went in and modified the PatternSet data
type to support <excludesfile> and <includesfile> elements.  I will post my
changes as a patch later today.  Maybe you could review and submit them to
ant-dev for consideration?  I see your name in the
file...:-)  Or, I can make different changes to match what you think is


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