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From Peter Vandenberk <>
Subject RE: the WLRUN task and Weblogic's proprietary esjsp.jar taglib...
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2001 15:55:37 GMT
Hi Conor,

Thanks for your reply...

You wrote:
> Anyway, all I can think of is that this is maybe looking 
> in the current directory - i.e. the directory from where 
> you run ant. 

Did that... I copied that lib directory (including content)
to about 15 places where I thought Weblogic might be looking
for it, including - as you suggested - the directory from 
which I run ANT... to no avail.

I finally managed to get it working by looking in weblogic.log,
to find out what the JVM that was running Weblogic considered
to be the current directory...  the "user.dir" system property
corresponded to the basedir specified in the ANT build script
which (and this fact got me into this mess ;-) in our environment 
doesn't correspond to the directory from which we typically run ANT

Copying lib/esjsp.jar to ANT's basedir made it fly   ;-)

But this leads me to my next question: is it possible to change
the working directory in ANT before invoking the WLRUN task?

Reason I'm asking is that our wlrun task depends on a deploy
task that "installs" our application in the weblogic home
directory, next to the default "myserver" application:


So obviously I'd like to "push" that esjsp.jar to:


and invoke the wlrun task with ${WL_HOME}/<application> as the
working directory?

To only way I can think of is by installing a small wlrun.xml file
(containing just the "wlrun" target/task) to ${WL_HOME}/<application>
and use the "ant" task on that wlrun.xml file for which I can then 
change the basedir attribute...

Preferably, though, I'd stick to one ant script, and either change
the basedir in my "wlrun" target, or specify the directory as an
option to the "wlrun" task... is any of these possible?



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