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From Peter Vandenberk <>
Subject the WLRUN task and Weblogic's proprietary esjsp.jar taglib...
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2001 13:59:13 GMT
I've succesfully used the wlrun task before to run 
an instance of weblogic with our application...
but now that our JSPs are using the <se: ...> tags 
defined in Weblogic's proprietary tag library extension
things stopped working... 

THE SYMPTOMS: every JSP containing the following tag:

 <%@ taglib uri="lib/esjsp.jar" prefix="es" %>

results in the following exception:

[wlrun] weblogic.utils.ParsingException: nested IOException: No such file or directory
[wlrun] at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspLexer.parse(
[wlrun] at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspParser.doit(
[wlrun] at ...

THE PROBLEM: although the exception doesn't explicitly say which file it
cannot find, I'm pretty sure it's the esjsp.jar file...  the search path for
taglibs isn't documented at all in Weblogic's 4.5.1 documentation, but I
found a posting on the [weblogic.developer.interest.personalization]
newsgroup related to this issue (attached below)

THE SOLUTION: according to that posting, "Weblogic Server looks for the
older taglib jar files under the lib directory that is relative to the
directory where the file is located"...  I've already
copied that esjsp.jar file to every directory I can imagine, but still I get
that exception.

THE QUESTION: compared to the above esoteric problem description, my
question is relatively simple: can anyone tell me how to make this work?


I know we should stop using the <se:...> tags altogether, but that's a
totally different matter  ;-)



Subject: Re: Jsp tag compile problem
Date: Fri Jun 23 16:12:43 PDT 2000
From: Ture Hoefner <>
Organization: BEA SYSTEMS INC.
Newsgroups: [weblogic.developer.interest.personalization]

> <%@ taglib uri="lib/esjsp.jar" prefix="es" %>
> <%@ taglib uri="pz.tld" prefix="pz" %>
> <%@ taglib uri="cm.tld" prefix="cm" %>

The .tld files are the Tag Library Descriptors for JSP 1.1 tags.  The .jar
file is for a "pre-JSP1.1" Weblogic proprietary tag library extension. 
Weblogic Server looks for the older taglib jar files under the lib directory
that is relative to the directory where the file is
located.  If you start your Weblogic Commerce Server from a directory other
than your default directory, then copy the following jar files to a lib
directory under that new directory:


This will be fixed in a future release. --

Ture Hoefner
BEA Systems, Inc.
1655 Walnut Street; suite 200
Boulder, CO  80302

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