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From Viraj Purang <>
Subject Trivial questions
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 21:01:24 GMT

Qn 1.
    If I have multiple targets in a build file , how do I send the logs of
each one into a different file.
I want to be able to segregate the  various logs into seperate files, so
that I do not have to parse 
thru a huge log file for patterns for automation of my deployment scripts(We
use SD packaging from HP, and the production deptt 
does not have confidence on the war files yet).

Qn 2.
    If I have multiple targets in a build file, if one fails the others a5re
not executed at all, I do not want that to happen ...
how do I stop that ?
Qn 3.  
   I think I founbd out a bug within the cvs task ...unless I specify the
cvsroot  with each command seems to pick up the cvsroot 
from a somewhere known to itself.I mean the enclosing shell from
which the build.xml is executed has my user id for pserver.
THe build.xml also has the same user id ...but while executing it seems to
pick up the a different user id and bombs on that.
The only solution I have is to specify it with each cvs command.

Viraj Purang

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