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From "Trogdon, David" <>
Subject ANT/VAJ Success
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2001 14:00:28 GMT
Just a quik note to state that after a bit of sputtering I have used ANT to
create a sucessful build in our development enviornment.
We use Visual Age for Java and InstallShield. Useing the VAJ plugin the
process goes as follows:
Import current solution from developmet server to Configuration Management
Edit Ant script to identify build version (this alos defines the directorys
that build is made to)
Edit Ant script to identify projects to move to workspace.
Start VAJ/ANT plugin
Start ANT script
Projects are moved to workspace
Directory structure for build is created on a networked PC that is the
controlled software libray
Projects with support files are exported to the source directory in the
Source directory is filtered to a static directory where InstallShield is
dynamically linked
InstallShield is started and creates distribution media to the library disk
The filtered files are moved into library for refrence
Directories and such that are no longer needed are deleted in a "clean up" 
The ANT script is finished
Finally, another PC that is a dedicated CD burning machine is used to access
the library disk directory to create a master.
Our current software "project" is about 45 MB in size and it takes about 90
minutes for this buid process.
I am pleased with this process but I would make the following suggestions:
Include a command line variable in the ANT/VAJ plugin so that properties can
be passed into Ant via -Dproperty=value.
Include Solution support for the ANT/VAJ plugin so the individual projects
in the script do not have to be manually edited.
Update the Ant documentation and provide lots of examples (exhisting
documentaiton is good but it could be better).
In some cases long file names could be better supported when passing command
line switches to another program.

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