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Subject RE: Jar task
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2001 14:27:50 GMT
> Having looked a bit closer, there seems to be no difference between
> using "m" and specifying a file to use as the manifest, and using "M"
> and having a META-INF/ file, other than that the 
> former is a
> bit more flexible. If this is the case, I suspect that just using the
> manifest attribute in the jar task will do exactly what you want.

Hi Jon,

The reason why I needed to update just the manifest file was because the
manifest contained a Main class attribute for running the jar with the java
-jar command.  When I run the obfuscator (RetroGuard), it modifies the
manifest because it signs the jar, but it overwrites the original lauching
manifest.  So I needed to patch over with a new manifest, and then call
SignJar task to sign the jar.

I took out the basedir and changed, so the call to the jar task looks as

<jar jarfile="${dist}/server.jar" manifest="${dist}/" update="true"

It does what I was after.  Thanks for your advice!

Question - when is 1.4alpha going to be released as 1.4 as it seems pretty



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