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Subject RE: Jar task
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2001 14:08:26 GMT
> Yup. I modified the Zip task (from which Jar inherits) to 
> allow updates.
> If you get hold of the latest sources for 1.4, I believe it 
> should be in
> there - you just need update="true" as a parameter along with 
> the normal
> manifest specification. I think that should be enough... let 
> me know if
> you have any trouble with it.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I downloaded the 1.4alpha that was built last night, and used the
update="true" flag.  However, the problem is that I want to use jar with the
update but also with the M option.  The M does not create a manifest for the

My ANT task looks like the following:

<target name="patchManifest" depends="init, jar">
	<echo message=" Patching jar file with original manifest."/>
	<delete dir="${src}/META-INF"/> 
	<mkdir  dir="${src}/META-INF"/> 
	<copy file="${dist}/"
        	<jar jarfile="${dist}/server.jar" update="true"
compress="false" basedir="${src}">
            	<include name="META-INF/"/>
	<delete dir="${src}/META-INF"/> 

Obviously, when this runs I get a warning:
[jar] Warning: selected jar files include a META-INF/ which will
be ignored (please use manifest attribute to jar task)

If I leave it blank, it jars everyhing from ${src} downwards.

Is the M option supported/going to be supported?  Or would it be better to
use the ZIP ant task for this?



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