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From Bernie Bernstein <>
Subject Re: javac task compiles missing files automatically
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 14:09:49 GMT
At 02:54 PM 7/16/2001 +0200, Steffen Euch wrote:

>I don't want Ant to search missing source files automatically.

Ant isn't the program that is finding those files, it's javac (or Jikes) 
that is finding them. Java compilers look in the classpath for files to 
compile that the given files may be dependent upon. You should take any 
files that should not be found by the compiler out of the classpath. Or 
restructure your source directories so that they don't need to be under the 
same classpath.

>This is the code I use:
><target name="genericCompileAndCopy">
>   <javac srcdir="${PRJ_SOURCE}"
>       destdir="${PRJ_CLASSES}"
>       classpath="."
>       debug="on"
>       deprecation="off"
>       optimize="off"
>       failonerror="yes"
>       includeantruntime="no"
>       depend="no"
>       verbose="yes"
>   >
>     <patternset refid="${generic.patternset}"/>
>   </javac>

Bernie Bernstein
Liveworld Inc.

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