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From norbert <>
Subject :::eater - software project
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2001 17:31:11 GMT

i have created a software-project called :::eater on sourceforge:

* a GUI-frontend for ant
* task-modules for SQl->XML->HTML

PURPOSE: automation of reporting and content-management by utilizing
a common batch-like language (ant).
easy to use Graphical-User-Interface - looks like a 'wizard'

additional task-modules for processing SQL(JDBC)->XML->XSLT->HTML.

'sql2xml' allowes nested queries (for 1:n-relationships)
future plans: write interactive task-modules like:

enter password dialog
branches (option-panes)
open webbrowser for preview

maybe you want to add it to your
External Tools and Tasks.


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