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From "Churchill, Ralph" <>
Subject redefine params for release
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 22:34:00 GMT
I have an buildfile with a target for compiling, building EJBs and building
jar files. Multiple developers work on my project, so we set a property,
project.dir, to be "base" directory. All other directories are in relation
to that (as properties), e.g.

<property name="src" value="${project.dir}/src"/>
<property name="build" value="${project.dir}/build"/>
<property name="docroot" value="${build}/public_html"/>

<target name="build" ...>
	<!-- build the code in ${src} -->
	<!-- put the class files in ${build} -->

When we do a build for a release, Ant checks out a version of the source
from CVS into a temp dir and builds the application. So, from the command
line I can override the "project.dir" with "-Dproject.dir=/tmp" (assuming I
have CVS checkout the code to "/tmp". This is fine, but I'd like to be able
to do is create another target, say "production" and have IT
override/redefine "project.dir" and call the necessary targets:

<target name="production">
	<antcall target="build">
		<param name="project.dir" value="/tmp"/>

This doesn't work. I'd be willing to redefine the properties in the antcall,
but that doesn't seem to work either:

<target name="production">
	<antcall target="build">
		<param name="project.dir" value="/tmp"/>
		<param name="src" value="${project.dir}/src" />
		<param name="build" value="${project.dir}/build" />

I think I understand why this doesn't work, but I'm still confused... What
alternatives do I have?

Ralph Churchill

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