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From Jim Cheesman <>
Subject Re: Compiling java files in inter-dependent packages
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 15:23:26 GMT
At 04:17 PM 11/07/01, you wrote:

>I am trying to compile Java files in two packages, A and B. Some files
>in A depends on files B and vice versa. The question is how I should
>place javac tasks in the xml file. I cannot compile all the files in
>both A and B together, there are too many of them. When I placed the
>tasks as below,
><javac srcdir="A" destdir="classes" />
><javac srcdir="B" destdir="classes"/>
>the first task shows error message claiming that some files in package
>B that appear in the import statements in some file in package A are
>not found.
>How should I do?

Refactor the dependencies out?  Having that kind of circular dependency is 
a nightmare, and you'd be best off without it!


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