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Subject Using recursive processing.
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2001 10:45:18 GMT


I'm having a problem understanding how to instruct Ant to move down a directory
structure with one command.

Currently I am having problems getting Ant to complete the following <target>:

<target name="done" depends="compile_source">
    <!-- JAR the compiled code into TCPStat.jar -->
    <jar jarfile="${project_jar}/TCPStat.jar">
        <fileset dir="${classes_output}/gov/nasa/dfrc/MeasUNet/**"/>

I basicaly wish to jar of of the currents project .class files (located in gov/nasa/dfrc/MeasUNet
directory structure). Their are currently only two sub-directories under the
MeasUNet directory.

Additionally, the above directory is located in the {/home/dev/developement/sources}
directory and the package involved is {gov.nasa.dfrc.MeasUNet.plugins.tcpstat}.
So this directory structure needs to be maintained in the .jar file.

The rube is that the are several other packets included in the gov.nasa.dfrc
package prefix. However, I wish only to compile, and jar up those .java source
files related to the current project.

Anyway, I am simply having trouble understanding how I can get what I have written
in a bash script for this very process into an Ant buildfile. So any help would
be great. I can also provide the script I use as will if that might be of help.


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