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From "Benjamin Russell Stocum" <>
Subject Re: problems with chmod
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 12:35:46 GMT
>From what your writing it seems perhaps like a problem with the command.

What is your exact ANT <chmod/> tag?  You also have the option of using the
<exec/> tag I believe.
But I am wondering if you are specifying the whole path name and file name for
each file to chmod?
Perhaps breaking this into multiple tags or a tag for echo file?  That or using
wild cards like

<chmod perm="755" file="*.html" dir="/opt/java/javadocs"/>


Joe Gaffey wrote:

> Hi all,
> I originally sent this to alexandria-dev so apologies for any
> duplicates.......
> I am using alexandria on a medium sized java project and I think it's great.
> However as it's final step it does a chmod on all the output, eg for the
> javadoc html files. I am running on an SGI Irix box (not sure if this is
> relevant). The chmod wouldn't work (Result: -1) and when I tried to run a
> similar chmod on the command line it complained that 'Arg list too long'.  I
> then modified the ant to try the chmod task with parameter
> 'parallel="false"' but this just gives an answer of 'Execute failed:
> Too many files open'.
> This would seem to be a serious drawback. Is there any tidy (or even untidy)
> way to deal with this?
> Has this been seen before, perhaps I'm forgetting something (I'm relatively
> new to this).
> Thanks,
> Joe.
> Joe Gaffey
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