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From Eric Richardson <>
Subject Re: Strange java/fork behavior with xalan
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2001 17:46:35 GMT
Stephane Bailliez wrote:
> Eric,
> 1) Pay attention when you are forking a java task that requires an url as a
> parameter.
> The urls always have to be absolute because you never know where will be
> located your vm and the resolution of a relative path may depends on the
> strategy of you java app.
> Best thing is to always use the 'location' attribute and not 'value'. Just
> in case
> <property name="outfile.wo.ext" location="${output.dir}/${file.wo.ext}"/>
> 2) I believe xalan will be happier if you give him a systemId the following
> way:
>        <arg line="-IN file:///${input.file}
>                 -XSL file:///${xhtml.driver}
>                 -OUT file:///${output.file}"/>
> In your post xalan incorrectly resolve your systemId and does something like
> ${working.dir} + url

Using the file:// works with the XSL file. It works only with java
fork="true" but not fork="false". This at least gets me in the ballgame.

> 3) You can do the same with style task (assuming you have xalan in ur
> classpath and you will have to tune the ant vm here):
> <style processor="trax" in="${input.file}" out="${output.file}"
> style="${xhtml.driver}"/>

I can't get this to work because a can't figure out how to get the
xalan/xerces/bsf jars to this command via classpath in the ant file. And
no matter what I do with the style input, the path get changed. Ant
basedir is appended even if I don't use a basedir in this style task.


Thanks for the help,

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