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From Jon Baer <>
Subject Re: target as a property
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:51:53 GMT
Not that this might have anything to do with this, but over at we
(or @ least I face the same problems), I love the project and being the lead
developer but there are only so many people you can please when it comes down to

I actually find Ant and Alice quite similar in tasks but where Alice does it
based on pattern matching (its a natural language processor).

As a result of feature request after feature request I ended up scraping it and
writing the whole thing from scratching with a XML/ElementName/Processor
framework which allows people to go out and do their own things without doing any
damage to the core and write their own extensions if need be, and we have similar
ones like <sql> and ones from Instant Messaging <aim>, <irc>, etc.

But the problem now is that we just released a simple spec AIML 1.0 and Im
writing AIML 1.1 and its impossible to judge everyones needs to put into this
spec and its caused alot of frustration on the part of the Foundation doing their
job and developers like myself going nuts to throw the kitchen sink in (without
having to go through the voting and committee process).

Its very difficult decisions in open source when it comes to those times.

- Jon

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