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From Scott Goldstein <>
Subject Re: Question concerning screen output for javac
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 05:22:33 GMT
Yes, i tried using those flags but, as you said, it gives me a lot more
info than I want.

I guess my question is about controlling the screen output for javac.  I'd
like to have specific messages sent to the screen during compilation.
These message are dependent on the files found and compiled.  Is there any
way to configure the javac task to print these messages or do I have to
edit the source for the task?

Thanks for the help.


Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Jul 2001, Scott Goldstein <> wrote:
> > I'm using .javac to build .java files in a directory tree.  I'd like
> > to print out each directory it find and each java file it finds.  If
> > the java file does not need to be compiled, then it states so.
> > Otherwise, it echos the compiler command used to compile the file.
> Run "ant -verbose" or even "ant -debug" and be prepared to get far
> more information than you ever wanted (including the information
> you've asked for ;-).
> Stefan

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