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From "Tim Meals" <>
Subject Passing dynamic XSLT parameters
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 17:31:14 GMT
All --

Does anyone know of a way to pass a parameter into an XSL stylesheet
using the <style> task?  I'd like to pass properties defined in the
master build file into those being generated.  For example,

<project name="test" basedir="." default="all">
    <target name="all">
        <mkdir dir="tmp"/>
        <style basedir="." extension=".xml" destdir="tmp"
            <include name="testing.xml"/>
            <param name=""

According to the documentation, <style> only accepts XSLT expressions.
Looking at a recent nightly build of 1.4 (maybe a few weeks old now),
the file passes inner class Param elements directly to
the XSLT processor without doing property replacement via
PropertyHandler (?, I think).  What good are parameters passed into an
XSL stylesheet if they can't be dynamic?  Does anyone have any thoughts
on changing this, or would other users of the <style> task prefer
passing raw expressions to the XSLT processor?


Tim Meals
Web Applications Developer
direct:   925-253-6515
fax:      925-253-4599     
operator: 925-253-4500        Intraware ... Control Your Technology

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