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From "Tim Meals" <>
Subject Re: Help with file-based task
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2001 00:17:26 GMT
Why not use the built in <style> task?  I'm using it for XSLT processing
for both creating static HTML pages from XML files as well as creating
Ant build XML files from template documents.  With <style> you can
specify <include> and <exclude> tags the same way you do <javac> and
other file-based tasks.  Also, <style> will automatically (or manually)
select an XSLT processor.


Kev K wrote:

> I'm having a little trouble coming up with a plan to
> do the following:
> I will have seperate directories that will have
> listings of xml and xsl files. I want to take these
> files and run them thru an XSLT processor. I can
> easily do this using XALAN with the <java>
> command/tag. But, I'm not sure how I can specify an
> exact xml and xsl file from within a specific
> directory and use that information to run XSLT. Also,
> a file could have dependencies attached to it. So, I
> would need to identify the dependend files in the
> directory structure and run those files thru the XSLT.
> i.e. \models\x400\index.xml and x400.xsl -- grab these
> two files and use them as parameters to XALAN. And,
> these files could have dependencies defined, so find
> those and run those files thru XALAN.
> Do you have any ideas or examples I could look at?
> Thank you,  Kevin
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