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From dave young <>
Subject keeping/returning property settings from within a task [newbie]
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 07:52:11 GMT
Thanks to dianne and stefan who have already helped me out with a couple
of dilemnas recently. I now have another, I hope somebody out there will
be able to assist me with it.

If i run a build.xml like the following and the file
archive-format-alpha.tar.gz exists in my current directory;

<task name="grind">
    <available file="archive-format-alpha.tar.gz"
    <available file="archive-format-beta..tar.gz"
    <antcall target="setup_alpha_if_present"/>
    <antcall target="setup_beta_if_present"/>
    <echo message="version is ${version}"/>

<task name="setup_alpha_if_present" if="alpha.present">
    <property name="version" value="alpha"/>
    <echo "in setup_alpha version=${version}"/>

<task name="setup_beta_if_present" if="beta.present">
    <property name="version value="beta"/>
    <echo "in setup_beta version=${version}"/>

ant i enter the command; ant grind
i would expect to see;
in setup_alpha version=alpha

but instead i see;
in setup_alpha_version=alpha

is this correct?

is it right that property assignments do not propogate from within
tasks? am i just being incredibly dumb (again)? is there a way to ensure
that property changes from within sub-tasks propogate back to calling

any help appreciated.


dave young.

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