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From dave young <>
Subject obtaining expanded pathnames [pattern matching] [newbie]
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 04:19:59 GMT
I am currently attempting to copy a whole bunch of source files that
have been extracted from a tar file.

the tar file extraction goes ok (although, it'd be really neat if it was
possible to specify a subset of the files to be extracted from the tar

there is a set of files matching the following path that i wish to copy;

now, the thing is, that i need to place them into another directory and
don't wish to have the castor*/src/main bit of the filename, just the

if i could get a property to match an expanded filename;
something like;
<property name="copy.from.dir" location="castor*/src/main/org/exolab"/>
then i could use that property in a copy command;

<copy todir="mydestdir">
   <fileset dir="${copy.from.dir}"/>

which would avoid the "extra" bits at the start of the relative
pathnames when i am copying...

hope i am being clear in what i am trying to achieve.

i must say that i am very impressed with the ant tool so far.

some kind of filename expansion facility would make my life a lot easier

does somebody know if such a thing already exists?? i've held off on
delving into the ant source code so far, maybe it's time to get my hands

best regards

dave young.

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