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From Arun Gupta <>
Subject NoClassDefFoundError in my new task
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2001 18:56:57 GMT

I'm working on testing a compiler and thus decided to
make the compiler as a new task in my ANT environment.
This compiler picks up classes from a bunch of jar
files which are specified in it's CLASSPATH.

I'm using ExecuteJava in execute() to issue the
compiler command from within the task. Setting the
classpath and the command line seem to work fine.
However when I execute the task in my build.xml, it
reports NoClassDefFoundError for one of the classes
which is already specified in the CLASSPATH of the

I printed the classpath from ExecuteJava and did a
javap for that class, and it does exist in exactly the
same classpath. However executing this as a task seems
to give the NoClassDefFoundError. 

Any ideas ?

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