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From Lauren Commons <>
Subject Re: [antlist] How to install/configure JUnit task
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 17:51:53 GMT
I, too, have found the docs a little confusing
regarding the optional tasks. (Like, where does it
tell you to download the optional.jar?  I didn't learn
this until I got an error message.  by then I was on
the train with my laptop, unable to download anything
:-(  )
Anyway, to use JUnit, I think you need to have
Junit.jar and the optional.jar in you classpath.  You
should not need to define a task for Junit.
I have also gotten JUnit tests to work by putting a
main(String args[]) method in the JUnit class (the
JUnit docs describe what to do), then running that
class with the Ant <java> task.  This works fine.

--- T Master <> wrote:
> [1]  The Ant 1.3 docs mention the JUnit task, and
> mention to download and
> install it.
> This has been done, however, Ant produces this
> error:
>     > unittests/example/build.xml [117] Unexpected
> element "junit"
> I can run JUnit using <java> though, if it is
> appended to the classpath.
> [2] Ant's Optional Libraries page mentions:
> "Library Dependencies
> The following libraries are needed in your lib/ext/
> directory if you are
> using the indicated feature."
> However, to which tool is referred?  Is it JDK or
> Ant?
> T Master

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