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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Common path definitions
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 20:57:26 GMT
--- Kyle Adams <> wrote:
> As I stated before, we're dealing with a situation in which the dev root
> may vary.  The nastiest variation is that many of our developer's
> machines have multiple drives, so their root might be anything from c:
> to x:, though d: is the recommended, and anyone (so far) that isn't
> using d: is using c:  We have a script that sets all environment
> variables; however, if the developer is using the c: as root, they'll
> have to edit that script by hand.  It's part of the old build scripts
> anyway, so we're trying to move away from using it at all.

But it shouldn't make any difference what drive they've got their
source-tree on -- all that should matter is getting that set as the
workspace root (eg., ${workspace}, ${root}, ${top}, whatever). Then
everything should be relative that. The build-process I put together with
Ant was (primarily) for running on NTs, but it also worked on Unix, since
everything was relative to the root of the workspace, and it doesn't
matter what that path actually is.

> This also means that Ant could (theoretically) be installed in a
> different drive from their source tree (yuck!).

MHO, of course, but I don't think anyone should be installing Ant on their
individual machines (except people who want to have a copy for some
purpose outside of the build process). If you source-control it (which, as
I said before, you should do, so you can reliably reproduce builds with
the tools that were used to build them), then it'll be part of the
source-tree, in directories relative to the root of their workspace. For
example, I have my properties files in a "properties" subdir under
${ant.home}/lib, and ${ant.home} is (always, regardless of machine-type)
equal to ${workspace}/tools/ant.
> I'm curious as to how one would derive a user's root in Ant from Visual
> Source Safe - if this trick would work, it would take the prize in my
> book.

Don't know much about VSS (except the irony of its name :), but if it has
a concept of a "client" (or anything similar to that) that keeps track of
what files at what revisions you have on your machine in which directory
tree, then I should think that info "should" be available (then again, we
are talking about whacko M$, so... :)



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