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From Jeff Post <>
Subject RE: additional clearcase tasks
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 18:58:03 GMT
Hi Knut,

You may want to review this posting:

I had developed some tasks that set different config specs, and provided
some other functionality. It would be straight forward to load and save
config-specs from/to a file.


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From: Knut Wannheden []
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 11:38 PM
Subject: additional clearcase tasks


I am thinking about using Ant together with ClearCase, but there are a
few tasks that I'm missing.  I just wanted to know what you think
about the tasks that I had in mind.  So here they are:

CCSaveConfigSpec : This task would save the current config spec (of
the current view) and save it to a file, very much like the cleartool
catcs command.  An optional attribute specifying a different view
could also be useful.

CCLoadConfigSpec : This task would set a config spec (from file) for a
given view.  Basically the cleartool setcs command.

CCTransaction : This task would be a little bit more unusual.  It
would ensure that the enclosed operations would all work with the same
versions of elements in a dynamic view.  So the syntax would be:

 <!-- do work here -->

What the task would do is to save the current config spec to a
temporary file (CCSaveConfigSpec), set a new config spec selecting
versions of files not newer than now (config spec with timestamp
rule), perform the enclosed operations, and finally restore the old
config spec (CCLoadConfigSpec).  The motivation behind this task is
that when working with a dynamic view and a config spec selecting the
latest version of elements, there is no guarantee that not suddenly
another user checks in a new version of an element which the build is
working with.  And this could obviously be problematic.

CCSaveVersions : This task would save the selected versions of a
specified fileset to a file (config spec), which could at a later time
be used to restore the exact same environment (providing the elements
and versions still all exist).

I haven't developed any tasks for Ant before, so I wanted to know if
it is even possible to implement these task.  In particular,
CCTransaction seems to be somewhat more complicated as it has to
execute some code both at it's starttag and endtag.

Thank you for your input.


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