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From Dheeresh <>
Subject Newbie Question regarding recursive calling
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 20:12:33 GMT
 I'm pretty new to Ant and have a very basic question.

1) I have my directory structure as
		|  C_
		|      |_
		|_       C1

Note Legend: A,B,C,C1,D are directories
I have a build.xml file in each of the directories.
What I',m looking for is ,if I have to build the files from Directory C and
its children, I should be able to call the build.xml file of directory C1
from the build.xml file of directory C. As of now I'm doing javac for all
the java files.
This is exactly like calling the "call *.cmd" command for Windows.
Any  response would be appreciated.

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From: Martin Schlömer []
Sent: Friday, July 06, 2001 1:05 AM
Subject: Solution: How to make ant running with cvs


i think, i found the problem (on WinNT at least):
ant will find the cvs executable, when it is in the PATH, but contrary 
to what you're used to from working with Batches you MUST NOT 
doublequote the path, even if there are spaces in it!

So this works for me
	set PATH=c:\Programme\gnu\WinCVS 1.1;%PATH%

So, you don't need to move your cvs directory around.


List:     ant-user
Subject:  RE: Question: How to make ant running with cvs
From:     Viraj Purang <>
Date:     2001-06-19 20:22:35
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     I changed the directory that I was accessing to one which does not have
spaces in its name (Mind you , I had given the quotes to take care of that
..., but that in fact quotes coould be a problem too.) from
C:\CVS1\builder>set PATH
PATH="C:\Progra~1\GNU\WinCvs 1.1" to point to C:\CVS1\builder>set
PATH=c:\mycvs;%PATH% (I did not reinstall WinCvs, just copied the files over
to c:\Mycvs) and the error changed , basically it started recognizing the
cvs.exe that I have.
	IN response to your qn ...does WinCVS even have a command-line
     They have a cvs.exe and a WinCvs.exe which leads me to believe that 
wanted us to have an option here of being capable enough to invoke the cvs
program from the command line too.IN hindsight,  I guess I would not know
unless I burn myself on this one but responses now seem to be quite
encouraging as the results below show.

      If you know any other working CVS client on Windows, I would be the
happiest person to know about it !

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