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From "Mark Jaffe" <>
Subject EJBJAR task issues
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2001 17:03:35 GMT
Hi, I tried to find the answer in the archives, but no luck.

I am investigating a directory-dependency issue and need to know if there is
a way to resolve this. When building a set of EJBjars, there exist multiple
xml which have reference to a dtd. In this reference, our source has
hard-coded a path dependency, such as in the included file. Is there some
way to remove this so we can have multiple builds, or so that developers are
not locked into a source-dependent build environment? I tried building with
the path replaced by an ANT-defined variable but the XML parser croaked on
that. I also found that there exists at a reference to this file
(,) but occasionally our
network fails to locate this during the build and the build will fail.

Mark Jaffe
Release Engineer
Eturn Communications Inc.,

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