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From "Stefano Mancarella" <>
Subject Re: Changing default excludes
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 12:21:36 GMT
> > Is there a way to change the default excludes?
> Apart from changing the source? No.

That's a pity. ;)

> > I have a couple of patterns I always exclude in directory-based
> > tasks and it would be nice not to have to "manually" exclude them
> > each time.
> Are these common patterns that may be useful for others as well - in
> the sense of the current default excludes that match backup files from
> common editors or source code control system files?

I think some of them are general enough to be included in the source.
Some examples:

"vssver.scc"   (generated by Visual Source Safe)
".nbattrs"     (generated by NetBeans 3.x)
"*.dependency" (generated by JBuilder)
"*.dfPackage*" (generated by Together)

I'm sure the list could be much longer, but this is what I'm fighting
with at the moment.

> If so, we could simply include them with Ant - if not, you are
> probably stuck with doing it manually (until we get a user prefernce
> system that can deal with it).

IMHO it would be very nice to have such a user preference system,
otherwise we would end up with a *huge* list of default excludes.
Perhaps another option could be a general include/exclude pattern,
accessible via its ID.

Thanks Stefan for your quick and exaustive response (as usual)!

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