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From "Dani Zweig" <>
Subject javac problems (Is there a better way?)
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2001 19:21:30 GMT
a. I want to compile some of my classes with jdk1.2 and some with jdk1.3.  I
can create two javac tasks, one setting build.compiler to "classic" and the
second setting it to "modern".  However, ant seems to set each property once
per project, so if the first task depends on the second, both will be
compiled with 1.3 (and vice versa).  We can around this by putting the two
tasks in separate projects (in separate files).  Is there a better way?

b. Our directory structure is src/foo/com/ourco/foo/** and
src/bar/com/ourco/bar/**, but the  packages are and  The javac task always recompiles everything, because the
srcdir is 'src', and it expects to find src/com/ourco/foo and
src/com/ourco/bar.  We can get around that by specifying multiple source
paths, e.g. src/foo and src/bar.  However, this breaks down when we try to
produce patterns that will identify **/*.java in foo and only a few files in
bar without reverting to making 'src' the srcdir.  Is there a better way?

(Disclaimer:  We don't really have the domain, and we don't really
have packages named 'foo' and 'bar'.  Life is like that sometimes.)


- Dani Zweig

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