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From "Klara Ward" <>
Subject unwanted countprintouts for javac, java, junit
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 08:43:16 GMT
Maybe this isn't an ant-problem but anyway,
I use ant to compile with javac and run tests with java or junit.
When I run I get the usual printouts combined with a lot of lines of :
     [java] count = 0, total = 9
     [java] count = 0, total = 123
The number of lines seemes to have something to do with how many files are
compiled/run but the numbers are always 0,9 and 123.
The problem just appeared some days ago and I can't connect it to anything I
changed just then that could have anything to do with it(but I probably did)
It also appears when I run the tests manually using java with the exact
command that ant prints out with the verbose-flag set.
Does anyone know anything about this? It doesn't obstruct the automatic
build/test-process, but its really annoying when you run ant manually.


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