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From "Andrea Papotti" <>
Subject Re: 'ant init' and table values
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2001 10:45:57 GMT
> I don't know anything about Torque (read this as 'you are in the wrong
place' 8-), but ...

this is a good(?) answer for me...

> > This would be usefull to initialize (when using 'ant init') some
> > small table to the only 5-10 values needed in the whole lifetime of
> > the project, without user intervention.
> Can't you use Ant's <sql> task for that?

done, and... works!!!
I have modified build.xml (from turbine development kit)

  <target name="project-insert-sql" description="--> insert project sql">

    <antcall target="insert-sql-file">
      <param name="sqlFile"

    <antcall target="insert-sql-file">
      <param name="sqlFile"

--- my change ---

    <antcall target="insert-sql-file">
      <param name="sqlFile" value="${outputDirectory}/sql/snapsale.sql"/>

-- my change --


where the file snapsale.sql contains all the SQL statements neded to
initialize tables.
This is not exactly what I'm looking for, but it do the work well and is
enougth for me.

Thanks Stefan!

bye, Andrea

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