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From "Neil Clayton" <>
Subject More info on the WL6.0 and EJBJAR problem
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 09:50:28 GMT
Hello again,

I previously wrote a msg to the group with subject: Ant 1.3 and Weblogic 6.
Here I rambled on about not being able to get Ant to build using ejbjar, due
to some exception regarding the parsing of DOCTYPE in the external DTD's.

Anyway, I've now spent more time attempting to get this to work (it still
does'nt), and have more info:

I've modified the DOCTYPE on of the XML descriptors, to point directly to
the dtd's stored on disk.
e.g: I changed "http://www... .etc" to "file:///n:/devel/java/gss/dtds/...

Ant will now compile the bean, and the weblogic subtask will "do the right
thing". The bean will deploy into WL6 just fine.

This seems to suggest to me that the XML parser has no idea that that dtd's
are local (via the inculsion of the <dtd> element within the <ejbjar> task).
We are indeed behind a firewall here - and from what I can tell the previous
error "SAXException while parsing 'com\woe\ejb\test\Test-ejb-jar.xml'. This
probably indicates badly-formed XML.  Details: External parameter entity
"%[dtd];" has  characters after markup." is probably due to the fact that
the DTD cannot be sourced over the web without a proxy configuration. Why it
does not output the error about not being able to find the external entity,
I do not know.

So, my question(s) now become:
*	How does the parser that is being used (whatever that may be, I'm using
the default one that comes with Ant (I've also tried the later jxp1.1 impl))
know to use the "replacement" (for want of a better term) DTDs as defined
using the <dtd> subelement of <ejbjar>?
*     Is order of jar's in the classpath important with regard to this?

Further help/suggestions/assistance would be welcome!

Neil Clayton

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