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From "Paul Dillon" <>
Subject RE: [POLL] JUnit Users
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2001 02:49:34 GMT
> - Are you using the framed report ? non framed report ? both ?

Framed only
> - Did you customize the stylesheets ?


> - Did you write your own stylesheet and applied it via <style> ?


> - What are your RFEs for <junitreport> ?

I'd prefer if it only printed the total transform time, or nothing at
all, instead of:
[junitreport] Transform time for all-packages.xsl: 851ms
[junitreport] Transform time for all-classes.xsl: 201ms
[junitreport] Transform time for overview-packages.xsl: 130ms
[junitreport] Transform time for class-details.xsl: 230ms
[junitreport] Transform time for class-details.xsl: 110ms
[junitreport] Transform time for class-details.xsl: 110ms
[junitreport] Transform time for classes-list.xsl: 211ms
[junitreport] Transform time for package-summary.xsl: 100ms

Also, it'd be fantastic if it worked with JAXP/Crimson, Xerces/Xalan1
*and* Xerces/Xalan2 (I'm completely ignorant of how hard that might be).
Seems like every man and his dog is including an XSL processor with
their packages these days, and it's such a pain hunting them down.  Or
should I be directing this at the <style> task author?

> - What are your RFEs for <junit> ?

Nothing, it works just fine for me. :)

BTW, thanks for implementing these tasks!!


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