How about something like:
<target name="Build" depends="DevBuild,UATBuild">
<target name="DevBuild" unless="build.num">
    <property name="project.base" value="C:\ProjHome\ViewName" />
<target name="DevBuild" if="build.num">
    <property name="project.base" value="c:\ProjHome\ViewName\BuildNum" />
I've got some configuration problems at the moment so I haven't actually typed this in, but its pretty similar to what I'm doing to control Unix vs. Windows builds.
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I am using Ant 1.3 on Win2K to do both developer and release builds.  A Release build will have build.num set to the build number.  A Developer build will have build.num set to nothing.  I want to define a project.base property with the following characteristics:  If build.num is set the base should be C:\ProjHome\ViewName\BuildNum.  If build.num is set to nothing then the project.base should be C:\ProjHome\ViewName. 

I have looked at the if and unless attributes and I do not see a way to use these to set the value.  For now I am setting it with a environment variable.  Any help will be appreciated.

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