I think you missed the point.  It would be useful to understand why certain attributes are used in Ant.  Knowing what an attribute does is not the same as knowing when to use it.  For example if an HTML reference described that the HEAD tag denotes the Heading of an HTML page, that would be accurate.  Of course if I wanted to learn HTML I would have to know that 1) an HTML page has a head section and 2) the HEAD tag denotes it before the reference would be helpful.

A section of the manual given over to complete working examples of various aspects of the build process would be much appreciated.  Perhaps once I know more about how Ant "is supposed to work"  I will look into doing this.

Pat O'Hara

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yes.. there are TONS of java docs on suns java.sun.com site you can
reference.. there are even tutors.

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The ant documentation explains the features of ant.  But it lacks
explanation of the purpose of those features.  It has the methods, but not
the motivation.

Take any feature -- properties, tasks, token filters, path-like structures,
etc. -- and there is no explanation of why ant has this feature and what
it's good for.  So I'm staggering around in the dark trying to figure out
what Ant features will get me where I want to go (and I consider myself
pretty expert at old-skool Makefiles).

I can't fix this myself yet, but the recipe is to add to every feature's
section in the manual a paragraph similar to:

"You use this feature to .... 
Or you might want to accomplish .... ,
and this feature can help by ....."

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