Hi there,
i read in documentation that it's possible to work with ftp an telnet task also.
I downloaded the jar file required from http://www.savarese.org and added
them to the ant_home\lib directory as i did for other additional tasks.
Now, I have the problem that I don't know how to specify the additional task.
I guess some line like
    <taskdef name="ftp"    classname="com.oroinc.net.ftp.FTP"/>
is needed, but when doing this, I get an error message
     Build.xml:43: Class com.oroinc.net.ftp.FTP doesn't support the "server" attribute
So my question is: Did anybody of you work with this (of course, I hope) and
can you give me a hot tip what the additional task is, that i have to.
Thanks in advance,