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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: PATCH to for IIOP
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2001 06:24:16 GMT
Larry V. Streepy, Jr. <> wrote:

> 1. When processing an interface (like a Home interface), the _Stub
> class name will be the same as the interface.  E.g., VersionHome
> becomes _VersionHome_Stub.  No tie class is created.

Like I said somewhere at the beginning of this thread (more than a
week ago), I'm not really familiar with RMI in the IIOP world, I'm
just judging from documentation and some experiments.

I didn't even know you could rmic an interface when using -iiop (you
can't do that for plain RMI) - this means we'd need some additional
checks anyway, oh my.

> Does everyone agree that this seems to capture the name generation
> accurately?


> Stefan, where are you at on this?

A first pass without reflection is already in CVS, it does the right
thing for the _Tie classes (if you rmic the implementation).  Our
discussion has brought up a couple of things (and made me read some
more documentation) that still need to be folded in.

rmic will need some more modifications - we need to handle -idl case
properly (don't even try to find generated files) and allow verify and
iiop/idl to work together (Ant simply says you cannot rmic an

> SHould I wait for your patches, or try to implement the above
> myself?

I'll do so, thanks.


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