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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: bootclasspath
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 14:48:28 GMT
Jon Eaves <> wrote:

>> > I read lots of emails in ant-user and ant-dev about bootclasspath
>> > not working quite right.
>> I think it is not always the same, but a bunch of different,
>> possibly related problems.
> Well, that's why I asked the question .....

OK 8-)

>> > Was it broken ?
>> It depends ...
> No, not really.  Broken is either yes, or no.  Like pregnant.
> Neither can be "a little bit", or "it depends"

It depends on what you expect it to do - does this sound better?  If
it doesn't do what you want, you may call it broken, but to others it
is not.

What the bootclasspath attribute (successfully) does, is passing the
content to the -bootclasspath argument of javac.

> If I use the <exec> task with "executable=javac" and the _same_
> options that are given to the <javac> task, it all works correctly.

Because Ant runs javac in the same JVM as it is running itself.  The
only real solution probably would be to implement a forked javac
variant for situations where you need a different bootclasspath for
javac and Ant - this is not available yet.


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