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Subject Re: Setting up Ant to run in Kawa as a Customized command
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 10:55:11 GMT

Robin wrote :

>Could someone tell me how to set it up in Kawa to run an
>Ant build instead of having to go to the command prompt
>in DOS each time and typing: ant -buildfile filename.xml
>Thank you,   Robin

1) Go to Customize, Commands
2) Hit "New" button
3) Put the following in the text boxes :

Menu Name :    Ant  (you can add an ampersand to be able to use the
keyboard e.g. An%t gives you <alt> c, t from within kawa

Command :         e:\ant\bin\ant.bat   (or wherever your ant.bat file is)

Arguments :          -buildfile q:\build\build.xml ?Enter target?       (?s
give a prompt so you an use different targets)

Startup directory:       e:\ant\bin          (your ANT_HOME\bin)

Input/output:    select Redirect output only to Output Window   (my

4) Go to options tab

5) check Add command to Customise or Plugin menu
6) check Add command to File Item right button menu......
7) check Add command to Project Item....
8) check Add command to right button menu in editor

9)  hit close
10) go menu Customise, Ant  and enter your target.

Hope this helps,


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