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From "healey, alex" <>
Subject RE: javadocs advice?
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 08:15:36 GMT
I haven't much experience of doing this but can the link subelement in
the Javadoc

Ant task do something to help with this.


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From: Christopher Berry []
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 2:39 AM
To: Ant-User (E-mail)
Subject: javadocs advice?


I suspect that this question is not Ant related specifically, and has

to do w/ javadoc itself. So at the risk of getting a RTFM answer, I'll

the question anyway.

I am constructing a build system for a series of related, yet

"modules". Each module can be built independently, or alternately the

system can be driven by from above by a master build.xml. 

I can easily javadoc each module independently. I can also javadoc them

collectively (all dropping into the same /docs/javadocs directory, with

of the expected class.html files present) -- except that the index.html

reflects only the last one executed. 

Is there a way to incrementally build javadocs -- layering them on top

each other?? Or does it really only work as a single step ??

Thanks very much,


-- Chris

Chris Berry  ---  -- 512-323-9479

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