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From Jamie Lawrence <>
Subject RE: Tricky compile...
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 15:19:08 GMT
> Note: this is obviously just a simplified example.  In reality this
> > structure is imposed because there are many target devices for the
> > application and it was considered impractical to abstract the 
> > functionality into an interface and many differently named 
> > implementations.
> This sounds *really* horrible. Do you honestly mean you want 
> to get into
> a situation where given the name of a class you don't *actually* know
> what it is?
> This kind of thing is exactly what abstract classes and/or interfaces
> are designed for. Is it too late in the day to reverse that decision?

It wasn't my decision and there's some (a large codebase) of legacy stuff
there.  Sadly, I'm stuck with the problem against my better judgement :-(


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