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From Marcus Kazmierczak <>
Subject Linux - Environment Variable (AF_HOME)
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 22:20:53 GMT

I am having an issue with one specific environment variable
when running on Linux. The same exact thing is tested on
Windows without a problem.

I have the environment variable AF_HOME set and 
for testing purposes I also set the variable AFHOME
to the same value.

The AF_HOME value does not show up, it never translates
from ${env.AF_HOME} and will create a directory called
just that when used later in the build process.

Here's my test target from my build.xml file:

<property environment="env"/>
<target name="test">
        env.AF_HOME = ${env.AF_HOME}
        env.AFHOME = ${env.AFHOME}
        env.TOMCAT_HOME = ${env.TOMCAT_HOME}

Running ant returns:
(I have a script that checks for the env. vars and 
echos what it finds... then spans ant)

 ./ test
Using TOMCAT_HOME = /usr/local/tomcat
Using AF_HOME = /usr/local/tomcat
Usinf AFHOME = /usr/local/tomcat

Buildfile: build.xml

        env.AF_HOME = ${env.AF_HOME}
        env.AFHOME = /usr/local/tomcat
        env.TOMCAT_HOME = /usr/local/tomcat

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