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From "Ellingson, David" <>
Subject java tag with filename wildcard
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:11:06 GMT
I am having a problem with the following type of tag:

    <java classname="className" classpath="${classpath}" >
         <arg line="${dir}/*.txt" />

I get the following error:
  /tmp/*.txt (No such file or directory)

The problem occurs because filename generation does not occur for the *.txt
expression.  I determined that this was caused by the following line in the
antRun script: 
          exec $CMD "$@"

The quotes around the $@ prevent the filename generation.  I can get my java
task to work when I remove the quotes in the antRun script.  My questions

1)  Is there any way I can exec a java command and have the wildcard
expression evaluated? This way, I can avoid changing the antRun script.
2)  Otherwise, why is the $@ quoted?  If I remove the quotes from the antRun
script, will I break something else?  If not, should the antScript be
changed for the ant release?


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